Following The Rhythms


My first week in Greece has come and gone…

Within 7 days the rhythms of my life have changed drastically. 5am isn’t an accidental false alarm or an unexpected bathroom run proceeded by warm covers and at least a few more hours of rest…5am is now a complete rising (sun not fully up rising). When I signed up for a 28 day yoga retreat in Greece I didn’t know what to expect, but being the adventurous soul that I am I ran full speed ahead. My life seemed to be inviting the opportunity for something different in my reality. This is what my schedule looks like for the next month…

Morning Yoga class- 7:15am-9am
Breakfast- 9am
Alignment class- 10:30am-1:30pm
Break- 2-5pm
Philosophy & Theory- 5:30pm
Evening Yoga class-6:30pm- 8:15pm

Did I really agree to this? Ha! 


Yoga and Meditation Studio


We do get a bit of a break from the rhythms on Sunday! This past weekend we decided to explore the Heraklion, Crete City Center!

Highlights included; morning hike, fish spa pedicure, Koules Fortress, the market place for lunch, lots of gelato and plenty of laughter…


Koules Fortress (Heraklion City Center)

I have willing chosen to partake in a different rhythm of life to challenge and heal myself wholistically. Late nights, early mornings, unpredictable adventures, beautiful sunsets over the Mediterranean Sea. I breathe deeply take it all in and sit in gratitude for all life has to offer.


Love, peace, movement and laughter to you all…