Blue and white paradise



It’s the postcard image that come to mind when you think of Greece… The deep blue waters, white & blue buildings, and gorgeous sunsets.  


City of Oia (Caldera view)


Oia overlooking Amoundi Bay



Being in Santorini has allowed me space to embrace the art of living in the now, breathing deeply and experiencing a little bit of paradise…Selah


Sunset in Oia

Love, peace, movement and laughter to you all.



Agios Nicholas & Thankfulness

Agios Nicholas…

is a small town on the eastern shore of Crete.


The drive to get there is reminiscent of the CA 1 hwy. As a weekend getaway the girls and I decided to get a hotel for the night and hangout by the beautiful surroundings of the Aegean Sea.

After a week of physically challenging 2-a-day yoga practices the picturesque views were revitalizing…

Efcharistó means thank you in Greek!

Here are a few things I am thankful for currently…

1. The six other women who are on this journey with me, their strength encourages me to keep going

2. A physically healthy body

3. Sitting next to a family at a restaurant singing Purple Rain…#longliveprince

4. Our teacher (guru)  Harish who illuminates joy and peace

5. Downward dog which strengthens my body, teaches me indurance and flexibility 

6. Healthy sattvic vegetarian meals 

7. My friends and family who have taken time out to call and text me with words of encouragement.


…And finally I am thankful for self love, which in itself is an revolutionary act that I am choosing to embrace. 

Love, peace, movement and laughter to you all.



Following The Rhythms


My first week in Greece has come and gone…

Within 7 days the rhythms of my life have changed drastically. 5am isn’t an accidental false alarm or an unexpected bathroom run proceeded by warm covers and at least a few more hours of rest…5am is now a complete rising (sun not fully up rising). When I signed up for a 28 day yoga retreat in Greece I didn’t know what to expect, but being the adventurous soul that I am I ran full speed ahead. My life seemed to be inviting the opportunity for something different in my reality. This is what my schedule looks like for the next month…

Morning Yoga class- 7:15am-9am
Breakfast- 9am
Alignment class- 10:30am-1:30pm
Break- 2-5pm
Philosophy & Theory- 5:30pm
Evening Yoga class-6:30pm- 8:15pm

Did I really agree to this? Ha! 


Yoga and Meditation Studio


We do get a bit of a break from the rhythms on Sunday! This past weekend we decided to explore the Heraklion, Crete City Center!

Highlights included; morning hike, fish spa pedicure, Koules Fortress, the market place for lunch, lots of gelato and plenty of laughter…


Koules Fortress (Heraklion City Center)

I have willing chosen to partake in a different rhythm of life to challenge and heal myself wholistically. Late nights, early mornings, unpredictable adventures, beautiful sunsets over the Mediterranean Sea. I breathe deeply take it all in and sit in gratitude for all life has to offer.


Love, peace, movement and laughter to you all…


Hello Greece

FullSizeRender46 hours, 5 time zones, 3 flights, 2 rental cars & 1 crazy taxi ride later…

I finally arrived to this island paradise known as Crete, Greece. The pictures I’ve seen don’t hold a candle to the beauty of this country. Life is different here, people drive fast, move slow, listen well and welcome you as though you were an old friend who they have not seen for 15 years.

The retreat center where I am staying is alluring and I was welcomed with open arms. There are six other ladies who will be joining me on this journey and they are from all over the world

Czech Republic
U.S.A (CA & GA)


Thanks for all the phone calls, text, emails, and words of encouragement I have received so far! This is just a brief update and I look forward to sharing more with everyone as wifi and time permits.

Love, peace, movement, and laughter to you all!