Blue and white paradise



It’s the postcard image that come to mind when you think of Greece… The deep blue waters, white & blue buildings, and gorgeous sunsets.  


City of Oia (Caldera view)


Oia overlooking Amoundi Bay



Being in Santorini has allowed me space to embrace the art of living in the now, breathing deeply and experiencing a little bit of paradise…Selah


Sunset in Oia

Love, peace, movement and laughter to you all.



4 thoughts on “Blue and white paradise

  1. This is BREATHTAKING!

    Because of you, I’ve added Greece to my list of desirable destinations.

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us.


  2. To be there is reality
    To imagine to be there is the beginning of reality
    In the spirit I imagine I am there and I am
    I imagine that I am there in the blue and white
    Thank you
    It’s beautiful


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