Hello Greece

FullSizeRender46 hours, 5 time zones, 3 flights, 2 rental cars & 1 crazy taxi ride later…

I finally arrived to this island paradise known as Crete, Greece. The pictures I’ve seen don’t hold a candle to the beauty of this country. Life is different here, people drive fast, move slow, listen well and welcome you as though you were an old friend who they have not seen for 15 years.

The retreat center where I am staying is alluring and I was welcomed with open arms. There are six other ladies who will be joining me on this journey and they are from all over the world

Czech Republic
U.S.A (CA & GA)


Thanks for all the phone calls, text, emails, and words of encouragement I have received so far! This is just a brief update and I look forward to sharing more with everyone as wifi and time permits.

Love, peace, movement, and laughter to you all!


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